Whether you consider tanning an art form, or just something that happens while you’re out exploring the natural world, achieve a darker tone in our world-famous South Florida locale.


Oleta State Park (15 min.)

Miami Biscayne National Park (1 hr.)

Miami Everglades National Park (1 hr. 30 min.)

Metro Zoo (50 min.)

Jungle Island / Parrot Jungle (20 min.)

Miami Monkey Jungle (45 min.)

Coral Castle Museum (45 min.)

South Beach (15 min.)

Sunny Isles (10 min.)

Haulover Beach (10 min.)

Key Biscayne (30 min.)

Virgina Key (18 min.)

Miami Beach (16 min.)

Nikki Beach (17 min.)

North Beach 

Surfside (2 min.)